Brand Collaboration

Brand Collaboration & Consulting

Vertex Media has a team of branding collaboration experts who can open doors to new demographics and partnerships. These types of opportunities can change your businesses visibility, user base, and sales.

The key to brand collaboration is using all of the right assets and making sure every pillar of development is organized and tactically constructed.

It’s a 2-part term, so it makes sense to define each aspect in turn.

♦ The collaboration aspect refers to how 2 brands work together. Alignment is to have common goals among the brands. Brand Collaboration and Alignment.

♦ (2 or more brands) Working together for common goals.

Brand collaboration is really more common than it seems, especially among companies who want to expand demographics and build new business from other successful industries. A good example is the convergence of Try Until You Clothing and Swimsuit Centerfold– this collaboration lead to over $1 million in sales of clothing apparel. It was a match made in heaven, created from forward-thinking brand collaboration strategies from our Orange County video production team

Complete Brand Collaboration Solutions

There are several important advantages to an alliance where you’re able to better sell your products and services.

♦ Each brand involved brings their customers to the table – so other brand’s customers are introduced to you in a positive manner. Therefore, you have a leg up on your competition – because you have the endorsement of a brand that these customers already like and respect.

♦ You can reach more people, simply from the interest generated by your new partnership. You can differentiate yourself from the rest of your sector by offering a new value proposition that’s better than what you were able to offer before.

♦ Working with another company can also save you a significant amount of marketing money to reach the same demographic. The other brand enjoys those same savings, so both partners win.

♦ You also boost the image of your own brand by emphasizing the goals that both companies want to espouse. The goal is often bigger than just getting larger profits – it could be about offering a new experience or a better service for customers, or working together for a worthy cause, like saving the environment.

The business world is wide open for brand collaboration. You have already accomplished the first major step.

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