Brand Identity

Brand Identity Creation & Consulting

If you’re new to marketing, or if you’re conducting research to promote your small business, sooner or later you’ll encounter the topic of brand identity. Working with our Orange County SEO team and our Orange County Video Production Crew we can be sure your identity is maintained and build your equity in your company in the process.

Here’s what you need to know about Brand Identity:

Brand identity is basically what potential customers think about your company when they see or hear your brand. It’s a list of characteristics that are associated with your business. So, for brands like Porsche and Lamborghini, their brand identity is a fast car with a super-cool design. Rolls Royce is all about luxury, while Honda and Toyota project an impression of affordable cars with low maintenance requirements and high fuel economy.

Your brand identity quickly tells your potential customers what your core values are. You may, for example, want to be known as an innovative or experimental company – this is great for IT brands. Or you may opt for a more conservative image, especially if you’re running a bank or a legal firm.

Brand identity is not always the same as brand image. Brand identity refers mostly to your intention and goal; it’s what you want to be seen as. Brand image, on the other hand, is how customers actually see you. If your marketing efforts aren’t successful, then your brand identity may be very different from your brand image.

Establishing a brand identity isn’t always easy. Identifying the precise brand identity for you to adopt is just the first step, you will then have to consistently reinforce that image across various media, whether it be through advertisements, web content, social media interactions, or even your brand logo. Every aspect of your marketing must go together, including the fonts and colors your use for your websites and brochures. You will need a team of dedicated marketing professionals to oversee that everything reinforces your brand identity.

How Does Brand Identity Help Your Business Grow?

Having a brand identity helps your business grow in several ways. Firstly, if you’re successful then your brand will be among the most often recalled whenever there’s a need for your service. Let’s say you run a local pizza parlor. If you’ve marketed your brand properly, then your pizza parlor will be the first place people think of when they want to go for pizza – or even just fast food for that matter.

Your brand identity also emphasizes an advantage you have over your competitors. Maybe your pizza tastes better than the other pizzas in town, or perhaps your pizza is just as good as the other pizzas, except you offer it at more affordable prices. You may want to promote your physical location as a place that’s clean, pleasant, and where the servers are courteous. You may even promote the reliability and quickness of your pizza delivery service. Whatever you choose, you want your brand identity to portray that aspect of your business.

When you’ve successfully carved out a unique brand identity for your company, you then can “own” a particular attribute that your customers value. Brand identity doesn’t just help separate your brand from the pack; it can lead to dominating your industry within your operating area.

That’s how Google became the most dominant search engine – once they successfully proved themselves to be the most reliable, consistent, and helpful search engine available, they essentially became synonymous with the search engine service. All their competitors, such as Yahoo and Internet Explorer, were left behind.

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