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When you start your own company, one of your first goals is to distinguish your creative design from everybody else. You need to provide a special reason why your customer should pick your brand over another. You have to define your creative design assets in a way that’s memorable and unique. Vertex Media is adept on this very subject, their Orange County Web Design Team can handle getting your assets to match across every medium.

The problem is that very few consumer items are actually unique. Vacuum cleaners suck up debris. Cars are 4-wheeled vehicles that transport people. Burgers are patties between buns. Plumbers fix your plumbing and drippy faucets. You get the picture.

Yet, you can identify your branding assets and use them to engage with your potential customers. You just need to make sure you present a consistent message so that your customers are confident about what your brand is all about.

seoOC Are Branding Asset Creators Your creative assets are the core elements of your marketing; they lend your brand the distinction it needs. These elements include your brand name, logo, the colors you use, your typography, tag lines, mascots, and general style of advertising.

The importance of using branding assets to set your brand apart is something that you can’t underestimate. To illustrate, let’s take a look at Coca-Cola. At its very core, it’s selling fizzy sweetened water with artificial coloring – yet their logo makes the brand distinct.

If you have your own company, you need to take stock of your branding assets and use them to separate your brand from the rest of your industry. A lack of distinction will ultimately lead to failure. If you don’t have anything special about your brand, there’s really no good reason why people should pick your products and services over your competitors’. Our San Francisco Creative Asset Creators will provide that brand distinction and separation you need for success and sales.

Once you have identified the branding assets you can use, you then need to identify the qualities and values that you want to espouse with your brand. Basically, you’re giving your customers reasons why they should pick your products or services.

So, let’s say you provide a plumbing service. You can make your brand special in many different ways: you could offer cheaper rates or promise better quality services with long warranties. Your plumbers may be renowned for the quickness of their arrival for emergencies, or for the great combination of professionalism and friendliness that they show when they come to your home.

Once you’ve identified the core quality of your brand, you need to make sure that all of your branding assets are consistently pushing the same message. If you’re touting the professionalism of your plumbers, then your imagery might show smartly uniformed plumbers doing their work. Your typography and advertising materials along with your tag lines should emphasize professionalism as well.

When your branding assets are all saying the same things, your customers can get the message loud and clear. They’ll know what to expect from your brand, and you’re giving them a reason to pick your service over your competitors. If your customers become loyal to your brand, then you have a commitment to maintain the reason why your customers became loyal in the first place.

So take charge of your branding assets and make sure they all communicate the same message. By efficiently organizing and using your branding assets you help your brand gain more customers in the long run.