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When you’re running your own business and you’re selling a range of different products or services, you probably have several people responsible for the design of each item. One common problem with this approach is that the designs can be very different from one another – there’s no commonality or consistency and it can make your potential customers confused by what your brand actually represents. You need to be consistent with your brand identity and your designs, as well as the designs of your marketing materials. For that, you need Orange County Wed Design manager to maintain and present a cohesive Brand.

Our premier San Francisco design managers can consult with your team of designers so that everyone is working together, towards your short or long-term goals. One of those goals is to present a distinct value and personality for your brand and your products. That personality is emphasized through the design of your products and your marketing.

Let’s take the Coca-Cola brand as an example: it has a family-friendly personality. Their soda is for everyone, and they make you think that it’s a great drink to be shared between family and friends.

Their design manager is making sure that their products and advertising messages are all saying the same things. Their TV ads, print ads, and jingles are all inoffensive and friendly – just like their drink. The design of the bottle is ergonomic. They emphasize the long history of the company and, deep down, you know it’s a drink that can be enjoyed by generations.

seoOC is Your Design Management Team

You can have a design manager do the same thing for your brand. First, they take into account all possible ways of distinguishing your brand from your competition. That means organizing all the places in which design principles are applied – including your products, uniforms, advertisements, and website. Then, the design manager has to make sure that all the designs are consistent with the brand identity you’re trying to project.

To illustrate the importance of consistent design, it’s best to use an example. Toyota’s brand identity is about reliability for a reasonable price. But what happened when the company wanted to enter the luxury vehicle sector? Luxurious features, with higher price tags, were inconsistent with the Toyota brand identity, so they had to come up with a new company called Lexus. They simply couldn’t risk muddying the Toyota brand image that they’ve cultivated for decades.

The same goes for your brand. If your brand is about offering classic and timeless items such as furniture, then you need your advertising and your website to have that same look. You need to project a classic design that works for your website as well as your products. Your logo can’t be funky or childish –it should evoke a more traditional feeling.

Consistency in design helps to inform your customers what they can expect from your brand. It helps you to define your brand identity and personality, and make your brand distinct from everyone else.

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