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Traditional SEO has always been about optimizing a website so that a search engine like Google can check it out and assess its relevance for certain keywords.

In the past it was simple to rank: STUFF Your Website With Every Keyword Imaginable! However today it is quite a bit more complicated, Our Orange County SEO team takes a different approach, we anglicize test and retest, with SVT ‘Single Variable Tests’ Consequently, we know what works and we know what hurts a website. One You have a super optimized, responsive, fast, and beautifully branded website then we can talk about back-links.

But one of the most important ranking factors for
SEO doesn’t apply directly to your website.

Rather, it occurs on other websites – when they have links that lead to your site.

A campaign you can wage to increase the quantity and quality of those external links is called link building, and it’s one of the most important facets of your overall SEO strategy.

These links are essentially words or phrases found on other sites that lead readers to your site when they click them. They can be obtained in several ways:

♦ Natural, unsolicited links. These are the links to your site that other websites are compelled to include on their site without you asking for it. For example, a foodie magazine might feature an article about the best hamburgers in Brooklyn. So, if your fast food restaurant is mentioned in the article, it may also feature a link to your site so that their readers can find out more about your hamburgers.

♦ Posted directory links. Website directories can also list links to your site. In some cases, you can apply to have your site listed in the directory, and then you can supply the link yourself. So, if you run a fast-food restaurant with terrific hamburgers, you can have your website listed on sites like Yelp.

♦ Reciprocal links. These are the links that you get when you make a deal with another website. You can have links on your site leading to the other site, while the other site can have a link leading to your website. It’s a quid pro quo arrangement.

♦ Guest posting. You can submit well-researched articles on topics concerning your industry and submit them to other sites where they can be featured. These articles should already include the links that lead to your site (as you add tem when you create the articles).

♦ You can leave a few comments on blogs and forums that contain a link leading to your site.

It seems like it takes a lot of effort to obtain these links. But in the end it will be worth it – they are among the most influential factors that determine your ranking in search engine results.

Links are like recommendations. In the real world, when you’re looking for a plumber or a dentist, or a great brand of car accessory, you probably asked around for recommendations from people you trust. The same principle applies here.

When other sites mention your site, Google counts those mentions as recommendations from those sites. If a site is extremely popular and highly regarded, it’s like having your website featured on CNN. It validates your website and confirms that your site is of high quality.

Of course, it’s not just the number of links that’s important. The sites that feature those links should be reputable as well. You also have to make sure that you obtain those links legitimately. If you use “black hat” tactics like buying links, Google may penalize your site.

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