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For many small business owners, logo design is one of those fancy marketing tricks that aren’t especially important. Some business owners don’t even have one and, among those who do, many haven’t put in enough thought to come up with a truly effective logo. Logo’s go every where from business cards to your web design, consequently, working with Vertex Media ensures your Logo is branded across every media platform.

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There’s a reason why large companies spend millions of dollars coming up with logos that work well. And that same reason applies as to why you need one for your business.

A good logo isn’t just for companies like Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s; a good logo is for every business.

♦ Identity. A logo helps to identify your company, its products, and marketing materials. It tells people what you offer. Having your logo on your product identifies that product as yours. It also distinguishes your products from the products of your competitors.

♦ Intrigue. The logo is a symbol of your company, and it invites people to think and find out what it means. For example, the simple three-pointed star of Mercedes Benz may get you wondering – and you can then go online and find out that the three points signify the auto company’s drive to dominate the land, sea, and air.

♦ Loyalty. A logo is like a flag – it can inspire loyalty among the masses. Once somebody is a fan of a product that bears your logo, the sight of your logo on another product can encourage them to try that product out too. They trust that if you’re able to design great product once, you can do it again.

♦ Versatility. A logo is a shortcut for the complete name of your company, and it’s a simpler way to make your brand more memorable. What’s more, you can use your logo on just about anything. You can put that logo on your products and on your packaging. Your logo can appear on all your marketing materials – such as your business cards, promotional shirts, shop signage, brochures, print ads, and website.

Logo Design Experts

Your logo is so crucial to your brand: in the minds of many customers, the logo and the brand are the same thing. Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity – and thus you’d better spend more than five minutes coming up with it. In fact, you would do well to consult professionals to come up with your logo, so that you can end up with an effective logo that’s memorable and conveys your brand’s values and identity.

So, how should you come up with a logo? The simplest answer is to let a good, professional graphic artist do it for you. But you should be familiar with the basic principles.

A logo design must be:

♦ Attractive. This is the first rule, because there’s no sense in having an ugly logo that people will automatically hate and distrust. You should make sure to avoid logos that resemble hated symbols, like swastikas.

♦ Simple. A simple logo works much more effectively because simple logos are easier to discern and remember. Printing a simpler logo also cuts down on costs, as the details can add to the printing price. A simple logo can also scale more effectively.

♦ Meaningful. The Audi logo is made up of four rings, which symbolize the four companies that joined together to make up the company that it is today. The Nike logo conveys motion and speed, and it symbolizes the wing of Nike – the Greek goddess of victory. In other words, a logo has to stand for something.

Your graphic designer will be familiar with all the rules of effective logo design, so trust them to their job. Logo design isn’t a DIY task. While good logos may be simple, but it’s anything but simple to design them!

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