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If you’re in the apparel industry, you’ll certainly need to distinguish your brand from the rest of the pack. After all, fundamentally, shirts, dresses, and trousers are the same – they all have the same basic design. But you can inject the small details that make your own merchandise and apparel distinct. We at Vertex Media, have created Product and Apparel Branding from Business Cards to DVD cases and more. It all starts by calling our Orange County Web Design Team, creativity starts at the source.

The need for custom design in merchandise and apparel isn’t just for companies in the apparel industry either.

Your own business may use various promotional items to make your brand more visible and to foster brand loyalty.

This means you can’t make your t-shirt design look like every other shirt on the streets – it has to be unique and memorable, so that your brand actually reaps the benefits of your marketing strategy.

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Since you need your designs to be unique, you can’t just copy designs from other brands. That won’t make your brand stand out and, in fact, people may think that your brand is just a cheap knockoff and you’ll lose points for UN-originality. A lack of effort in coming up with a custom design doesn’t help your brand image.

But what do you know of custom design? As a small business owner, it’s too much to expect that you’d know anything about design – and you have better things to do anyway, like running your business. For that reason, it’s imperative that you don’t even waste time thinking that you can DIY your merchandise and apparel.

Orange County Merchandise & Apparel

Instead, you’re better off leaving this job to a top creative. A specialist can make sure that your custom design will be memorable and unique, and that it won’t be another copycat effort. This pro will know what to do so that your merchandise and apparel will actually increase the visibility of your brand and promote your brand image.

Custom Design Creates Connections Through Your Merchandise & Apparel

With the right custom design, your merchandise and apparel can connect with your customers in many ways.

♦ Your custom design will be unique, and that will set it apart. Most people don’t like to wear the same exact thing as everybody else, because it looks like they’re wearing a uniform. They want to stand out, and a unique custom design can help them do just that.

♦ Custom design can also be informative – for example, a shirt can commemorate a special event or a special date in your company’s history. It can promote the products and services you offer.

♦ A custom design can also illustrate the values and personality that you want to associate with your brand. It makes your brand special and more relatable than a faceless company. Customers feel more loyalty to brands that have the same personality and values that they do.

So don’t just come out with generic merchandise and apparel; why be like your competitors when you can be better? Make your merchandise and apparel unique, just like your brand.