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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer an accessory to be added on to your website. SEO goes hand-in-hand with your website. Just as the Yellow Pages were vitally important for businesses in the past, SEO is the new Yellow Pages for small and medium-sized businesses. Customers young and old utilize this powerful tool to find, research, and decide what companies they will end up purchasing from or using services.

Are you invisible online?
is an Orange County SEO company based out of Garden Grove, California. Our primary goal is to increase organic traffic to your website which will lead to increase revenue for your business. Vertex Media is truly an international online marketing firm that believes in creating strong relationships with our clients. As a small business owner, we understand how difficult it can be to grow a business both offline and online. When you work with Vertex Media not only do you get top-notch customer service, but also strategies that have worked for use offline. When we take on a new client, our mission is to grow together. With our Orange County SEO experts, your companies success is our success.

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♦ We provide extensive research in your industry, vertical or specific niche. Not all industries are similar and even similar industries do vary from city to city and state to state. In order to fully understand your niche our team dedicates time to evaluating, understanding, and researching your industry’s common practices, services and products.

♦ We provide live results available to you at any time and any place. We believe in numbers and having our clients access to live results are vital to our business. We provide reports to show our efforts in marketing your business.

♦ We provided customized prices. Your business is different from every other business. We don’t offer cookie cutter pricing. We take into consideration the amount of work your website needs, the competition in your area, and the time we need to dedicate to your website on a monthly basis to be able to achieve positive results.

♦ We evaluate website to make sure if there is truly a market for your business in your area. We don’t simply take your money just to take it. We must be able to make sure you get a return on investment (ROI) for our services. If we can’t give you an ROI we will not work with you. We are simply honest.

♦ We rank our own website on the 1st page. At Vertex Media, we believe in practicing what we preach. If we say we rank websites on the first page of the search engines, shouldn’t our website also be ranking for the keywords we are targeting? Our top ranking SEO services have allowed us to rank many keywords on the first page of google in many cities in SD County, all over Southern California, and also across the state with our very own website.

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Our digital marketing firm provides a variety of search engine marketing services that include: online reputation management, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design, video marketing and website recovery. If your website is not on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo for the services or products your business provides or sells, you are simply losing new clients to your competitors and with digital marketing, we can help you. A new client visiting your shop can easily become a client for life. They can also easily refer more people to your business, become regular customers, send referrals, and in some cases create a strong working relationship between their business and your business. Missing out on 1 new client is no just missing out on 1 purchase, but many times in many more purchases throughout a lifetime. Today being on top for your services or products is essential for any business who wants to grow. If you are looking to increase your website traffic, get more leads, receive more phone call, dominate your market, and increase your revenue, contact us at (949) 400-6968 or fill out our discovery form and see how we can help your business. Vertex Media is committed to our clients and providing only the best results.

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At Vertex Media we like to be 100% honest our clients. Today simply having a website does not mean people are actually visiting it. Many businesses have a great storefront location but lack the presence online that will give them the success all business owners want to have. Having an SEO expert in your corner can greatly increase your brand, ROI and web presence .We are very direct and we tell our clients if you are not spending money on advertising, then you should not be in business. Though it might sound harsh, the truth is, if large corporations and household name brands are spending millions on advertising why aren’t you?

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