Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic Generation

Many businesses are publishing content as a way to build their audiences and increase traffic to their websites. However, they may not be getting everything they could from each piece of content they create.

If you are serious about your content, then you also need to be serious about driving as much traffic to it (over social media) as possible. One great way to do this is to share your content on social media more than once. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example:

Immediately after publishing a new blog post, we promote that post on social media. When we share it with each of our networks, we garner a certain number of clicks for each share. In the chart above, I hypothesize about a post that is sent to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ immediately after the post goes live. The return on the effort looks great.

What happens when we share a link to that post a second time the next day? Does the traffic double? Based on the law of diminishing returns, no. That’s not quite what happens during the second round.

But, if we share the content again a third time, the traffic (for the second and third sets of shares combined) more than doubles. How can you argue with results like that?

Of course, this is a simple (and hypothetical) example, but the point is the more often you share, the more likely you are to get clicks. The big question most of us have is whether this type of thing really is ok?

Is It OK to Share Content More than Once?
Sharing your content multiple times on social media can trigger strong reactions. Some people don’t care for the practice of sharing the same content more than once on a social account, but, as is often the case, it is hard to argue with results. A while back, I shared the strategy my own startup uses to promote blog content on social media. Guess how many complaints we’ve received from the practice?


The reality is that no one really cares, or even notices. And if they do, what is the worst thing that can happen? I mean, really? One aspect of marketing we often forget is that no one notices everything we do.

Your social media followers aren’t like RSS subscribers who see and read every post. In fact, sharing more than once probably is an essential part of providing your audience with the value you promised them. If you don’t share your links a few times, they may never see any of your updates.

How to Not Be a Spammer
I once was a guest on a podcast where the host was having a heyday complaining about a few Twitter users who were sharing content too much. His complaints were valid. The users had installed a certain plugin that shared their old blog posts (randomly) once every single hour. It was too much, and it seemed like spam.

While that strategy might lead to additional clicks (in the short term, at least), it is not the type of practice I am suggesting in this post. If you share too much, people eventually will learn to ignore your tweets, and probably will un-follow you altogether. If you are going to start sharing your content more than once, you need to abide by a few ground rules, such as:

Take your followers into consideration. Your social feed is for them, not for you.

Don’t turn into a spammer. Create a smart schedule rather than a crowded one (more on this later).

Consider your own habits. How do you use social media? Where is the “spam line” for you? Don’t cross it.

Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like. How would you react if you saw another user with your identical strategy? This is a great gauge because you probably wouldn’t be the only one who would feel that way.

Always provide value. Like I said, promoting content more than once actually is a good thing, as long as you are doing it to provide value for your audience.

Once you agree to follow these simple ground rules, you should be able to develop a great social promotion schedule for your content that literally doubles your traffic.

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